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Welcome to Troll Mother Character Dolls

One of a kind (OOAK) art dolls from Norse Mythology. Trolls, Nisse, Tomten, Crones, Fairies, Elves and Otherworldly Dolls. Not just another pretty face but figures full of magic and mystery. Created of Poly Clay, Paperclay, and Fabric, they are embellished with vintage fabrics and laces, silk, linen, lambsą wool, feathers, found objects and treasures harvested in nature such as lichen, wood, shells and anything that catches my eye because it is unusual or fascinating. I also use handspun yarn and hand woven fabric and curious pieces of wood and metal.

I have been the Troll Mother since about 1972 and an artist all my life, starting with mud pies and drawing on walls when I was a wee person, and becoming more proficient as I practiced. I have studied graphic arts, photography, printmaking, sculpture, fiber arts, illustration and painting. I have also included gardening, food, and building in my experience and have worked as a graphic artist, caterer, wedding cake baker, florist, early childhood educator, and diverse jobs too numerous to list.

Doll making was an early interest, maybe Geppeto was a role model? The first doll I remember making was a sort of Marie Antoinette style, with a big, poofy wig and a flamboyant gown, when I was in grammar school. My heart has always been interested in folklore, storytelling, myth, magic and culture.

Creativity in the middle of my life was all about raising my kids. Busy, busy, busy. I still made dolls and art but it was centered around my children. My baby has now graduated from college and I am able to return to creating for myself. Doll making combines all the art that I love: design, sculpture, fabric, myth, found objects, and natural treasures all in one piece.

Dolls, I think have a special personality and appeal that can beguile you. It is about the twinkle of the eye or the curve of the mouth that speaks to you. When I am making a doll I am surprised when the piece I am creating comes alive and declares itself. I may start out to make a Troll and midway into the project it declares itself a Santa or Fairy or Dancing Pumpkin! There is a lot of fiddling and tweeking and experimenting before a piece is done. One question that people ask is “How long did it take you to make that?” The easy answer for the “one of a kind dolls” is about two weeks, but the real answer is two weeks to put it together, and a lifetime of learning. The other questions people ask are; “ How did you learn to make dolls?” and “Where do your ideas come from?” The answers are the same: a lifetime of learning, experimenting, curiousity, trading ideas with other artists, and practice.

I am lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places on the California Coast. Mendocino is a rich environment with the ocean, Redwoods, nature, and is full of artists of every kind. It is a place where magic still lives.

I hope you enjoy visiting my site and learning about the Trolls of Scandinavia.

~The Troll Mother